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What should you know about quarter horses ?

There are many horse breeds all around the world, and each one has its own specificities. But whether you like purebred Arabians or whether you prefer spanish horses, every horse deserves to be love for its assets. And if you look for a calm, nice and worthy hotse, the quarter horse is the one for you. As passionates of this american breed, we wanted to create a website entirely dedicated to the quarter horses. We tell you all what you need to learn about these horses.

Quarter Horses

The quarter horses come from North America : they usually were used by the settlers during the West Conquest, because they are able to travel long distances. These very fast and resistant horses derive their name from their capacity to run a half mile. The quarter horse is also well-known for his frank and placid nature : it is a very sweet and easy-to-lead horse, perfect for western horse riding or example. But it is also a perectly appropriate horse for the kids and the beginners, thanks to his docility and its kindness. Moreover, it is particularly appropriate or those who want to practise endurance race, thanks to his excellent physical condition and his sturdiness.

Horse news

The equestrian world is constantly changing, and sometimes it can be difficult to follow the news. That is why we wanted to create a special section, which is dedicated to the equestrian news : each day you will be able to read the latest news, and the latest horse riding innovations as well. We also provide you some shopping guides and good deals to buy your horse riding equipment at the best price. Moreover, you will have access to our brand new online forum : you will have the possibility to chat online with millions of other passionate horse riders, and trade your lifehacks.

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