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How to choose the correct saddle

Many accessories come with the practice of riding. Each of these accessories tends to make the practice of riding much more comfortable and much more meticulous. One of these must-have saddles. The latter must be chosen with delicacy if the practice of riding is to be done in the greatest possible comfort. When choosing the seat, many criteria must be taken into account. It is from these that you will know which saddle will be adapted to your needs.

The saddle according to the size and the material of manufacture

The choice of your saddles can be motivated by your size as well as the material with which the product was designed. At the level of the size, it is necessary to know that the diversity is really at the rendezvous. Thus, from children up to tall people, everyone will find shoes at his foot with the saddle. For young children, that is to say, under the age of 8, they will be able to turn to the bardets. For children between 8 and 10 years of age, the 15-inch saddle will be ample. Adolescents as well as small people, meanwhile, will turn to saddles of size 16 inches and a half. The sizes of 17 and a half inches are suitable for adults with a medium build. Sizes over 17 and a half inches are for very large people.

Besides the size, it will also be necessary to take into account the material of manufacture of the saddle. At this level you have the choice between leather and synthetic material. If the leather is more robust, it will be easier to maintain and much cheaper just like used barrel saddles for sale.

A question of discipline

Discipline is undoubtedly the most important criterion of choice when referring to the saddle. In this context, you will have to choose according to your habits or the specific discipline that you practice. For hikers, the outdoor saddle will suit that the saddle of dressage will be adapted for dressage. The versatile practice, meanwhile, will turn more towards the versatile saddle. For children, the bardettes will be an excellent choice.

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